Cartridge Unit Bearings

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Set-screw, adapter, and eccentric collar type cylindrical cartridge units allow the self-alignment and free movement of bearings. The use of cylindrical cartridge units also allows for the expansion and contraction of the shaft caused by differences in temperature. Metallic cartridges have grade 10 balls, finished ball paths, and a three-piece “R” seal in wide inner-ring bearing inserts. Conductive rubber cylindrical cartridge units have either a straight, beveled, or special profiled outer diameter and an extended inner ring bearing insert. The conductive rubber cartridge units dampen vibration and have quiet running characteristics. Applications for cylindrical cartridge units include heating and air conditioning systems, ventilating equipment, and conveyor systems.

TIMKEN MSE508BXHATL Cartridge Unit Bearings

2.5 in MSE512BR
19.3 in 1.9 in

TIMKEN MSE508BRHATL Cartridge Unit Bearings

No [Steel] Steel
Metric System With Outer Ring

TIMKEN MSE507BRHATL Cartridge Unit Bearings

412000 lbf 0.141
1400 Stamped Steel

TIMKEN MSE507BXHATL Cartridge Unit Bearings

8 16**/6*** series
Radial Metric System

TIMKEN MSE415BXHATL Cartridge Unit Bearings

Split Cylindrical Ho 336 lb
8.0 in 232453 lbf

TIMKEN MSE503BXHATL Cartridge Unit Bearings

Round Type Double
[Aluminum Alloy] 201 [Steel] Steel

TIMKEN MSE503BRHATL Cartridge Unit Bearings

120 °C 0.0
4547359540611 111.12 mm

TIMKEN MSE500BRHATL Cartridge Unit Bearings

53.7 mm 36 mm
100 °C 52.5 kN

TIMKEN MSE500BXHATL Cartridge Unit Bearings

-20 °C 12 mm
0.21 kN 40 mm

TIMKEN MSE311BXHATL Cartridge Unit Bearings

MSM250BXHRSS 32.0 in
1021 lb Four-Bolt Plummer Bl

TIMKEN MSE311BRHATL Cartridge Unit Bearings

High Temperature Pac Round Flange
19.875 in LSE1012BXHHTPS